It’s so freaking crazy. It’s crazy to even think about MY last year in school, doing everything for the LAST time.

It’s ridiculous how when I was a freshmen, I thought high school would go by so slow; but look, here I am, a senior.. Graduating in five more months.

Can I please go back to freshmen year?

I took a mini memory trip on Facebook, going through my timeline and reading old posts a couple of years back.

I never seem to realize until now that over my high school years, I lost so many friends that I was once close with. Reading all those Facebook post, comments such as “Best friends for life”, I mean damn, look at us now, are we still best friends “for life”? Don’t think so.

I admit, I miss my old friends. If I had a chance to talk to them again, I would really take the freaking chance. No lie, those people really impacted my life and shaped me into a person I am today. It just sucks so much how we’re all on our separated ways.

.. Damn, I haven’t blog in a while.

Thumbs up to senior year.
Middle finger up to the bullshit.

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